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Addressing the Top 4 Criticisms of Carbon Neutrality: Permanence

By recognizing and actively mitigating the challenges associated with permanence, our offsetting partner provides confidence that the support for these projects is making a lasting difference in combating climate change. continue reading download

Addressing the Top 4 Criticisms of Carbon Neutrality: Additionality

Additionality is vital for the credibility of carbon offset projects, ensuring genuine carbon reductions that wouldn't occur anyway without financial support or in the regular course of business continue reading download

Addressing the Top 4 Criticisms of Carbon Neutrality: Accountability & Transparency

Learn how Ariva has taken deliberate steps to ensure the highest standards of accountability and transparency around projects, emissions reductions data, and access to public information on registries continue reading download

Addressing the Top 4 Criticisms of Carbon Neutrality

In anticipation of the release of our new carbon neutral brochure, we’re dedicating the month of November to busting some of the myths and addressing the primary criticisms of carbon neutrality as they pertain to our program continue reading download

Premium Paperboard – A Reliable and Responsible Alternative to Plastic

Whether it be for a paper bag, gift card, boxed packaging of various shapes and sizes, Spectro is a reliable alternative to plastic. No need to sacrifice strength, finish and colour payoff to make the responsible choice! continue reading download

How Healthy, Sustainable Forests Help Wildlife and Their Habitats

Sustainability has been the backbone of the paper industry for decades, and we couldn’t do what we do without it. But forests need us just as we need them. continue reading download

What sets Ariva’s Carbon Neutral Program apart from the rest?

Our carbon neutral program is two-tiered with a focus on long-term sustainability, helping neutralize unavoidable emissions for our exclusive coated partner Sappi and Domtar brands manufactured at the Windsor Mill. continue reading download

Paper can make your holidays more memorable and exciting!

Find various seasonal applications for some of Ariva’s top performing Sappi lines. continue reading download

A Unique Way to Economically Maximize Your Brand Impact

Sometimes going back to the basics and evaluating how you can make the most of what you already have can lead to a wealth of ideas. continue reading download

Two Types of Recycled Fiber, and Two Approaches to Making Recycled Paper

Two types of recycled fiber – composed of either post-consumer reclaimed material or pre-consumer reclaimed material – can be used to make recycled paper. continue reading download

What is Carbon Offsetting & Neutrality?

In a business landscape that is constantly changing, carbon offsetting/neutrality often seem to be buzzwords that companies are incorporating into their sustainability models. But what are carbon offsetting/neutrality? continue reading download

Sappi Shares the Papermaker’s Perspective on Sustainable Forestry

As an industry leader with decades of field experience and technical knowledge, we are compelled to show how sustainable forestry results in healthier forests and abundant wildlife. continue reading download