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Premium Paperboard – A Reliable and Responsible Alternative to Plastic

Gabriela Alway | Ariva | Marketing Coordinator
Whether it be for a paper bag, gift card, boxed packaging of various shapes and sizes, Spectro is a reliable alternative to plastic. No need to sacrifice strength, finish and colour payoff to make the responsible choice!

I often enjoy looking through the hundreds of printed pieces in our sample room. With so many unique projects it’s easy to find inspiration, and every once in a while, I’m truly blown away by a piece. This year Sappi’s new award winning popup book From Forest to Forest takes the cake as the most impressive promotional printed piece I’ve seen for its visual, interactive, tactile, and intricate elements

Spectro's From Forest to Forest: A Premium Paperboard; Sustainable carbon neutral paperboard

Designed by Simon Arizpe, award winning book illustrator and paper engineer, this book took one year to plan and design from start to finish. It is entirely made of Sappi’s premium line of paperboard, Spectro®, available from Ariva in Canada, and highlights Sappi’s responsible forestry management practices as well as their commitment to leaving forests better than they found them.

Each flip of a page captivatingly brings a story to life and reminds us of our responsibility to care for nature and purchase sustainably when possible. Spectro is incredibly versatile and can replace a variety plastic packaging applications. It can accommodate a wide range of printing techniques, folding, die-cutting and more. While the market over the last few years has been challenging with regard to availability, this promotional piece serves to provide inspiration and a sense of preparedness for the future. Trends are increasingly indicating a shift towards more sustainable purchasing patterns and social responsibility.

Sustainability is at the core

Sappi is a leading global provider of sustainable wood fiber products in the fields of dissolving pulp, graphic papers, packaging and more. As a company that relies on renewable natural resources, sustainability and a commitment to zero deforestation is at the core. From Forest to Forest states that “Sappi works with landowners, licensed foresters, and logging contractors to strategically identify which trees to harvest. This creates room for new growth, encouraging healthy, diverse forests for future generations. […] Active forest management is imperative for animals and plants that rely on younger forests for food and habitat […] and keeps trees growing at a faster rate over a longer period of time.” After the trees are harvested, they are sent to the Somerset mill where they are turned into pulp and later premium paperboard. Using a circular manufacturing process, Sappi captures and reuses excess materials to minimize waste and maximize resources. “Roughly 70% of Somerset’s energy needs are met with renewable fuel sources, an industry-leading number. These renewable sources include biomass at the mill along with wind and solar from the electric grid.” Learn more about Sappi's environmental impact.

Ditching plastic for paperboard has never been easier

“Spectro’s smooth and uniform surface has a proprietary coating […] for brilliant color reproduction and better ink holdout. Whether using UV, aqueous or specialty coatings, hot foil stamping, embossing, special effects or varnishes, Spectro C1S and C2S handle even the most demanding applications”. This book showcases Spectro’s durability and optimal convertibility for folding, die-cutting and more, with its ability to maintain the delicate folds on each page with ease. Whether it be for a paper bag, gift card, boxed packaging of various shapes and sizes, Spectro is a reliable alternative to plastic. No need to sacrifice strength, finish and colour payoff to make the responsible choice!


It can also be made carbon neutral!

Ariva’s Sappi Brands Carbon-Neutral Program applies to Spectro as well! We can offset the already low levels of greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production of Sappi North American brands, resulting in 100% carbon neutral paper at a very affordable cost. To learn more click here or contact your sales representative.